In memorium — we greatly miss Hilary following her unexpected death in 2020.

Hilary Fisher began twirling as a child, and quickly distinguished herself as a detail-oriented student.  She excelled in timing and multiple-baton handling, and was the two- and three-baton State Champion in Alaska throughout her high school years.  Hilary was a member of several teams and show corps, including Ultraviolet!, that won awards at National competitions.  She twirled at Purdue during her freshman year of college.  Hilary works in her family’s retail business, is active in the Renaissance Faire each summer, and resides in Anchorage.


Kathy Freeman is the corps Director, a coach, and a Level 3 USTA certified judge.  Kathy began twirling with the Alaskanettes as a sixth grader.  Her family quickly became an integral part of the 1989 International Show Tour to the Soviet Union and Poland.  Kathy competed at Nationals competitions each year through junior high and high school, but is most proud of her 1997 Alaska State Dance Twirl Championship win.  Her favorite twirling activities are parades, community performances, and twirling fire batons and knives.  She has served as team and show corps captain, coach, judge, board member, parent of a twirler, and became corps director in 2012.  Kathy and husband James have two children and live in Anchorage.


Melinda Haley is a Level 1 certified coach, and looks forward to completing her Level 2 certification in both coaching and judging.  Mindy twirled with teams in both Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley with coaches Christy and Carrie, and competed at Nationals twice.  Mindy and her husband live in the Fairbanks area.


Carrie B. Jerger is a coach, USTA certified Level 3 judge, and a workshop clinician for coaches and judges.  Carrie came to the Alaskanettes first in 1972 and stayed on in 1975 to serve as head coach, artistic director, and corps director until 2012.  It was Carrie’s vision that enabled our corps to travel nationally and internationally.  She has served the U.S. Twirling Association as the Chairperson of the National Coaches’ Commission and the National Judges’ Commission.  In this capacity, she was responsible for the education and certification of baton twirling coaches throughout the United States.  In 2003, Carrie was inducted into the U.S. Twirling Association Hall Of Fame.  Carrie and husband Rich are now retired, enjoying travel and spending time with their boys’ growing families. (Photo at right shows Carrie and son Aaron at Alaska State Championships 1999.)


Kelsi (Morehouse) Gerasimyuk began her coaching career as she completed high school.  She has twirled since elementary school with coaches Kalah, Kathy, and Carrie, and is an Alaska State Baton Twirling Champion in her age division in solo and two baton.  Kelsi has been a member of our fire team for eight years.  Kelsi lives in the Mat-Su Valley, and works full time at the Alaska Club in Wasilla in addition to coaching.  She and husband Alex look forward to big adventures in the next year.


Kalah Statz twirled with teams in the Mat-Su Valley through her childhood and began coaching as a high-school youth and athlete.  She completed her college studies in environmental science and is back in Alaska, where she is excited to return to coaching.  Look for her high-energy and enthusiastic classes at Swanson in Palmer in fall 2019.


2018-2022 Board of Directors

  • Kathy Freeman, Director
  • JoAnn Werning, President
  • Melanie VanDehey, Vice President
  • Margaret Pojhola, Treasurer
  • position open, Secretary
  • Tammy Leslie, Publicity
  • Avigail Curry, Member-at-Large
  • Amanda Watt, Member-at-Large
  • Suzanne McMullian, Member-at-Large

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