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We have not offered classes in 2020 and 2021.  We’ll see what 2022 brings!

New student classes feature weekly, one-hour lessons, in which we’ll learn and perfect dozens of twirls, work with a fun prop like a hula hoop, flag or ribbon stick, dance, stretch, combine simple dance moves with our twirls, and practice performance skills.  Classes are regularly offered through the school year; special classes may be offered over the summer.  Students will be prepared to perform both individually and as a group for competitions and local performances in the spring.  Students are grouped by age and ability level, with younger students meeting earlier in the evening.

Students should have long hair pulled back, tennis shoes, and t-shirts with shorts or pants that allow for easy movement.

Classes are held in local area schools.  Each class must have four to ten students, so classes may be expanded or condensed to ensure the proper class size.  You may register for a class by calling 349-5222 or emailing  Classes may be paid for via PayPal, cash, or check.

Cost is $77 per student for a month of hour-long classes, with additional students in same family during same session at $42.  Student must order a regulation baton; loaners are available for initial classes. During the regular season / school year, each twirler must become a member of the United States Twirling Association for the season, which starts at $10 – $35 for the year.

Beginning as soon as our facility rentals are confirmed with the Anchorage School District, classes will be held:

  • days and sites TBA, from 6 – 7 pm for ages 5 – 8
  • days and sites TBA, from 7 – 8 pm for ages 9 and up
  • additional class sections for high school and adult twirlers may be added upon request

2019-2020 season Baton Twirling Classes for Experienced Twirlers

More experienced twirlers are grouped by both age and skill level, and classes may be one to two hours weekly, as appropriate.  Our regular season follows the school year, with classes beginning following Labor Day.  Please contact our director Kathy Freeman via email or message at 349-5222 with any questions or concerns, or to schedule a tryout.

Any time of the year —  Private Lessons

Any students are welcome to and invited to take private lessons with the coach of their choice, to build their individual skills and work toward solo, two-baton, dance twirl, flash flag, and other specialty routines.  Individual members of the corps (those not also taking team classes) pay $37 a month to the corps and then the coach’s hourly rate directly to the coach.

New – Hoop Class!

School-age youth and adults are invited to this six-week class in hula hoop skills from the standard to the amazing. Learn hand spins, elevators, rotations, and so much more, that can be used to create a flow or hoop dance for fun, fitness, and performance. Class led by Heather, who awed audiences in performances with traditional, glow and fire hula-hoops at the Alaska State Fair, the Anchorage Downtown New Years Eve Celebration, UAA’s Student Talent Show, and others. Loaner hoops available, or purchase a custom-made hoop. One hour, weekly class, and additional practice space and times are available at no extra cost. $115 for the six-week class. Additional students in same family just $63.  Days and sites TBA for fall 2019.

So you want to twirl FIRE with us?!

Fire twirling is inherently more risky than our other endeavors.  As such, fire team membership is open only to Alaskanette students by invitation.  Students receiving this invitation are selected based upon twirling skill and technique, maturity and responsibility within class and performance situations, and expressed interest.  It is possible to take lessons with the stated goal of receiving this invitation, by focusing class registration on lessons that develop the necessary skills in hoops or other specific props, twirling, and team and individual performance skills.

Additional costs in twirling:

  • All corps members must be current members of the United States Twirling Association, with annual dues ranging from $10 (corps / beginner member) to $35 (corps or solo member who plans to compete in solo events, you may register and pay online).
  • All corps members must have a regulation baton (new or used), starting at $29
  • Team & Individual members (those who have completed their beginner year and enrolled in team or private lesson classes) pay an annual Corps fee of $75 per family that supports our rental of storage space for corps costumes and props, insurance, facility rentals and more
  • Any twirler may enter in USTA-sanctioned twirling contests with payment of entry fees and current membership or member-for-a-day USTA fees

Ready to register now?  You may:

  • call our corps line at 349-5222 or email us to reserve your or your child’s spot.

You are most welcome to discuss additional session opportunities or ask questions by calling our corps line at 349-5222 or emailing us at

Download your registration forms in PDF ABC-Registration-2019.pdf if you’d like to print them out and complete them before your first class.  Printed copies will also be available at classes.

Contact Us:

Phone: 907.349.5222


Address: PO Box 220066, Anchorage, AK  99522-0066

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